Our Pastors

Robert Brooks

Growing up in Detroit, MI, the oldest child in a single parent home, I learned early on that looking out for others was far more beneficial than just caring about myself. I saw the benefits in my home, my community, and in my city. Society would say the odds had been stacked against me from the start.  Instead, God used my upbringing to teach me responsibility, genuine care for others, and a strong sense of family. I realized if I could make a positive impact in the life of just one person, that impact could change the trajectory of many lives.

I went on to graduate college, become a leader in my community, work in Corporate America, mentor youth, and travel to some pretty cool places. The center of all those good things in my life is and has always been Jesus Christ.   Even when I didn’t act like I knew Him, God’s purpose for me has always been the driving force in my life. My heart has always been to help others reach their full potential or as I like to say, see others win.  God wired me to be a person that could be counted on to listen, help bring calm in what seems like chaos, and be there for others in their time of need.

That is the focal point of my purpose today.  Whether life looks great or there have been hardships along the way, God has designed us for a specific purpose.  My goal is to teach the Word of God so others may know Him, build strong families, and lead  others to fulfill their God-given purpose. My wonderful wife, Minyon, and our awesome sons, Ryan and Dillon, are excited and committed to sharing the love of Christ with everyone we encounter.

Minyon Brooks

The thing that drives me is a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others.  I can recall moments in my life when I didn’t always have the ‘know how’ or the resources, but if I could offer useful information, encouragement or a helping hand to bring a smile to someone’s face or make life more pleasant for someone – that was success to me.  I still view that as success today.  If I can help others fulfill the plan that God has for their life, while navigating the different seasons of life – then every minute of time spent is absolutely worth it. I love God with everything in me and I am so grateful for His love toward me. It is my heart’s desire for others to come to know Jesus and experience God’s unfailing love. 

My most treasured gift is my family – I thank God everyday that I get to be Robert’s wife and Ryan and Dillon’s mother. They bring me so much joy and they are my primary priority, that is why I am committed to seeing other families be healthy, happy, and whole. Robert and I are passionate about marriage and family – we enjoy helping others enrich, enhance, and strengthen their marriages and families.

I believe with diligence, focus, laughter, and love - with Holy Spirit leading the way, we can all make a difference in someone’s life and encourage others to develop a strong, intimate relationship with God.


44715 Prentice Drive #1531, Ashburn, VA 20146